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What is a Face Reading?

Face Readings by Sitou

A face reading is about understanding a person on many different levels. From our mind and our impressions about life to our expression, our desires and past lives to only name a few, the face shows many important key factors of an individual’s existence.


While the practice of face reading is not widely spread or even barely recognised, there is a real science and logic behind its relevance and practise. As individuals, even when we are not moving or speaking, vibrations are emanating from us. A grounded psychic is capable of reading these vibrations and can therefore easily tell how someone is feeling and what their personality is like. Sometimes, a psychic can even give predictions about a person or tell them about some past life elements that they pick up on and a lot more. However, the face allows a psychic to be more deliberate and precise about what they are reading and this is what I do.


In other words, each zone of the face can be seen as an area of life. Understanding those areas of life also helps us understand why the human face is the way it is because each of those areas are  connected with each other in a logical coherent way. As an example, the eyes are known to be the window of the soul and they really are. The eyes are the most intense part of the face. The eyes show the soul and its journey. The area around the eyes always shows how an individual feels about life, and what their impressions about life are. While our mouth can lie, our eyes can’t.











A face reading is usually a few pages long. Its length depends on the individual I am reading for.

Psychic Face Readings by Sitou
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