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Sitou has been strongly psychic since birth. His calling and life purpose have always been geared towards providing practical solutions for others in the hope to help them change their life for the better.

Sitou has always been a student of spirituality and  occult science. He has been practising Vedic Astrology professionally for 5 years. Sitou also teaches meditation classes centered around Vedic philosophy. 


He practises the Vedic way of life and believes that life on Earth is about evolving through cultivating our connection with the divine force.

Psychic Face Readings by Sitou
"The psychic energy emitting from a face houses a depth about a person that most people underestimate, overlook or just don't see. "
                                                                 - Sitou 


One of the most amazing & profound readings I have come across.

Hanna (Australia) 


Wow, That was interesting and very kind. It's very accurate and encouraging.

David (Florida, USA)



I have enjoyed all the face readings very much.

Jim (Texas, USA)


The face reading sounded exactly like me and what’s been going on in my life

Scott (Australia)


Thank you very much for the positive and kind face reading. It makes me feel good.

You are totally right. 

Nicole (Belgium)

Order A Readng

Order a Face Reading

Personalized Care and Guidance

The features of the human face show who we are, what led us to our present state and so much more. This reading is a concise report which addresses core issues and qualities that come through your photograph. It is for persons who want to touch upon very honest aspects of themselves which they may be able to work on, heal or transform. There is a very strong psychological and spiritual component to this analysis. The information that comes through the photo might be positive or negative but can be invaluable to look at if one is serious about their self development and evolution.


Besides being a great service for yourself, this is also a great service if you want to know more about others whether friends, business associates, loved ones and don't have any birth information. 

All you have to do is send in 1 - 3 recent photographs of a closeup of the face. After you have paid, please email your photographs to

$108 USD

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