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Righteousness & Duty

Righteousness and Duty are about following the proper course of action at all times. It is about understanding situations well enough and having the confidence to follow through on what is right regardless of personal interest. It is about following the course of nature by honouring one’s inner light. Nature is the law of the universe. It is in all of us as well as in all that surrounds us. We all have an inherent deep connection with it, whether we acknowledge it or not. Irrespective of our awareness of it, the law of nature binds us as long as we exist in its world.


In our current society, righteousness and duty are a notion more than a reality. Although, it is true that some of the laws created by humans align with the laws of the universe, the set of laws created by humans are more about keeping the current model of society in place rather than about honouring Divine within all life forms.


The natural core of the natural set of rules of the universe starts by understanding that the soul, the Divine primeval eternal essence of life, experiences itself within a mortal world. All life forms have a beginning and an end. Understanding the law of the universe is about understanding the unfoldment of the life of nature. Nature functions in cycles and therefore the law follows these natural cycles.


On a personal level, following righteousness and duty is simple. It is about honouring one’s deepest nature. In concrete terms, it is about doing what flows naturally from the soul, not from the mind, but from the depth of one’s being.


Humans are complex creatures. We have a complex biology and our brain power has vast capabilities which can render decision making very confusing. There is a very wide range of possibility in our thinking, and that to at every moment in our lives. This is why meditation is so important for us. We have to establish a connection with the soul in order to understand our place in the world. Meditation facilitates this endeavour. This is our duty. This is the correct thing to do on a personal level. If we do not understand our place in the world, we can only function poorly and the outcome is most likely going to be misery.


It goes without saying that we can receive help to achieve this understanding. This is what astrology is for. At the moment we took our first breath into this world, nature looked a certain way in the sky. The celestial bodies tell the complex story of our human existence on Earth. Understanding where that story fits within the story of God’s experience is primary for our self awareness. Self awareness is the first step towards righteousness and duty. The duty of any life form flows from its own nature. The duty of a beaver is to build, it flows from its own nature. The duty of a human is to connect with the soul to understand what to do, and then act on that understanding. A human can teach, care, meditate, lead, fight, heal, build, create, sustain and so much more. It is a blessing to be human, but it can also be a painful curse if our minds are in darkness about our own nature.


Next, we have to consider righteousness and duty from an interpersonal perspective. As long as we exist on Earth, we will have to deal with each other. Whilst alot of the laws of nature are the same for all beings, we are still all different and this has to be taken into consideration when we deal with one another. Even though the sun shines on all life forms in the same way, we don't receive it with the same eyes. In other words, our psychology and deeper nature differ from one another. Acknowledging this fact is a first step towards harmonious relationships. As Divine lives within all of us, understanding oneself means understanding one’s neighbour as well. The outer form constitutes an illusion of phenomenon that has created many false notions in our minds such as racism and gender inequality to name a few.


Being righteous and dutiful means acknowledging oneself and whoever we are interacting with at any given moment. There has to be an attitude of tolerance and open-mindedness in human interactions. Whilst having a polite and diplomatic attitude is important, we must understand that ideally relationships are meant for us to better one another. This means that being truthful is more important than being agreeable. In this world, it is not hard see relationships stagnate and decay. People mostly interact with each other as a result of attachment and habits rather than from a purposeful perspective.


It should be noted that on the spiritual aspirant’s path, relationships become a hindrance sooner or later. The quest to understanding always requires an attitude of indifference to one's social life. The self stands alone unperturbed by outer circumstances, just like the sun shines the same whether it is clear, cloudy, rainy or anything else outside.


Whether we consider righteousness and duty from the perspective of the self, from the perspective of relationships or from the perspective of society as a whole, following the law means knowing what to do regardless of the situation. It means knowing how to spend your day, every day. Whether one comes across a human that is young, old, male, female, intelligent, dim witted, or anyone else or anything else, the mind of the one who knows his soul, knows the law and is therefore clear headed with regards to the proper course of action. This world is made of many colours and shades. As one learns to connect with the light within, one will be more and more able to see this world for what it is and recognise the proper course of action in any situation.





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